Trouver un emploi stimulant


# 1
Click on 'Sign Up'
# 2
Choose your package and learn information.
Complete background information, details and save.
* Important that the boxes are completed.
It is best if your logo is displayed.
You are redirected to the online payment module.
# 3
A message in blue asks you click on the link sent to your inbox.
# 4
On the homepage enter your access codes to the right.  ATTENTION  two tabs, one for the candidate and one for the employer.
(Your access codes are the ones you created during registration)
You've also got to your inbox.
# 5
When you have entered your access codes, a choice of menu just below is brought to you.
# 6
Click 'Manager position, and right after' Entering a position '.
# 7
List your position, made recorded.
We advise you to take a few minutes and read the rules of Projob before use.
# 8
The details of the position and the coordinates of your company will be displayed.
At the bottom of the detail if everything meets your expectations click 'Done' if there is any modification click 'Edit'.
# 9
Your position is currently posted and viewed by hundreds of potential candidate.

We recommend:
- To take advantage of promotions, which often emphasize annual events.
- To choose the package that suits you before you begin registration.
- Take a moment to read the rules and approve.
- Prepare your payment method in order to have everything on hand before starting.
- When registering be sure to check your coordinates.
- The candidate will contact you sure you fully check your details before approving your registration.
- Consult the candidates and send emails or contacted them so that you have priority.

If you find that:
- Nominations are not completed.
- Nominations seem unlikely.
- Candidates that you contact does not seek or not seek further employment.
- The candidate is that you contact an employer instead of a candidate.
- The candidate is rather that you contact a person trying to sell you something.
Please notify us immediately responsible to security: alertesécurité

At any time you can address your questions and comments by sending an email, and your contact information so that our customer service can communicate with you in the event of need. Cette adresse e-mail est protégée contre les robots des spammeurs, vous devez activer Javascript pour la voir.




Selon Pub Pro-Média un véhicule publicitaire est le meilleur moyen de diffuser votre message de recrutement directement aux chercheurs d'emplois.
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