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Vehicle Mechanic

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The vehicle mechanic formed by a chassis and a body that is equipped with an enclosed cockpit seats for transporting people in a sitting position. The car is usually driven by an internal combustion engine. One or more electric motors can also operate in conjunction with the engine or replace it. The mechanical power supplied by the engine or engines is transmitted to the wheels, the vehicle and supporting elements for its mobility. The transmission of torque is provided by a gearbox and other transmission components. The suspensions for their part carry a resilient connection between the frame and wheels.

Control instruments and controls such as steering wheel, pedals or tachometer, allow the operation of the automobile. The tank allows the storage of fuel required to operate the engine while a fuel or batteries in the electrical current. Finally, the elements of comfort and safety in ever increasing numbers. A good mechanic has no trouble finding well-paid work. All heavy vehicle garages looking for skilled mechanics, all transportation companies looking for engineers with experience in the field of truck and trailer.

Engine vehicle mechanic power source, the engine is one of the fundamental elements necessary for the operation of the automobile. Transforming a no mechanical energy usually chemical or electrical in the case of the automobile into mechanical energy, it generates a work capable of moving cars. Its performance is usually measured in terms of power and torque. An engine mechanic find work full-time

The vehicle mechanical system connecting rod works on the following principle: a piston on which the gas pressure exerted from the ignition of fuel that drives a connecting rod, connected to a crankshaft, causes a rotational movement of the latter. Torque is thus generated. The engine usually consists of several sets piston rod connected to a common crankshaft. As with any piston engine, there are many possible configurations of the cylinders. Two major types of internal combustion engines are distinguished: the spark-ignition engines and diesel engines. These two types of engines are distinguished primarily by the type of oil used for fuel, the method of ignition of gas and performance. The theoretical efficiency of the engine car is between 30 and 45%. These values ​​are relatively low, due to the fact that some of the chemical energy is lost to mechanical friction, heat and pumped.

Engineer of the hybrid vehicle mechanic

As its name implies, a vehicle mechanic hybrid is a hybrid between an engine and an electric motor in order to combine the advantages. Both types of engines mounted on the vehicle, an onboard computer system combined with power electronics manages their complementarity, and the available resources according to the demands and constraints. A mechanic with experience in this type of engine, while being more complex to design and manufacture, particularly ecological theory is compared to conventional thermal or electrical systems. It allows in particular a rejection of carbon monoxide  significantly lower than that of a combustion engine alone. The most obvious advantage is the non-pollution exhaust where these releases are the least desirable cities for example, the electric motor operates alone until a certain speed, unless of course that batteries are discharged. The engine then takes over, while recharging the batteries.

Transmission and engine vehicle mechanic.

The engine vehicle mechanic, electrical or thermal, provided a couple of its output shaft. This torque must be transmitted to the wheels to allow movement of the automobile. The different organs of the transmission gearbox, bridges and other differential between this function. On some vehicles and some electric hybrids, electric motors, specially designed, are directly integrated into the wheel hubs, which eliminates the need for heavy and intensive transmission power for the electrical part.

Vehicle mechanical gearbox

The gearbox is the body that can change the speed of a motor vehicle while maintaining optimum rotational speed of the engine so it is very important that a mechanic in-depth knowledge that part of mechanics. In the case of internal combustion engine, it allows to adapt the most torque available in the driver's needs. The mechanics of the transmission is usually connected to the motor with a clutch element to isolate the transmission from the engine. A good vehicle mechanic knows the functioning of a gearbox is an assembly of fixed and mobile gears on shafts, enclosed in a sealed housing and lubricated by splash or pressure. This system allows you to change the gear ratio the relationship between the speed of rotation of the drive wheels and the vital link between the wheels and the engine, an internal combustion engine has not enough torque available at all engine speeds . Four major types of transmissions available: manual transmissions, automated, automatic and continuously variable last. A manual transmission is only managed by the driver. It disengages the engine to disengage the transmission and changes the gear ratio by moving the shift lever. A robotized gearbox works much the same principle, except that the gear change is driven by motors or actuators (hydraulic or electromechanical). The driver can control the operation or let a robot do it electronically.


The vehicle mechanic job is specializes in the area over the mechanic a lot of money. The general mechanical engineer earns less than a heavy vehicle mechanic, heavy vehicle mechanic earns less than a diesel engine mechanic for example.





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