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Logistics and Transportation Job

Drivers job in the logistic and transportation industry.

Logistics is the activity that aims to manage the physical flows of an organization, thus providing resources to meet the needs, economic conditions and quality of service determined under conditions of safety and security satisfactory .

Logistics and transportation job is an activities that make available the correct quantity of products at lower costs when and where a demand exists.

Issues of logistics and transportation job
The logistics function is a function of management. It manages the physical flows and should therefore evaluate the information flows that are associated intangible. Logistics seeks to improve synergies and flexibility in the organization of resources and thus the industrial responsiveness. The logistic function thus maintains strong links with the department responsible for the information system of the company. These links are so strong that many concepts related to the analysis of the information system can be taken over by logistics. Still, the logistics processes of physical flows and therefore the means to evaluate and improve in quantity and quality (the quality management). Logistics is the center and the ends of the production co-head of all services with the quality of physical flows.
Logistics is to satisfy the demand for physical flows and in agreement with the head of the urban information system, information flows associated with. She is co-responsible for managing the supply chain means that achieve this objective and engages with the help of other services of resources to achieve this. Indeed, the logistics in the broadest sense can be considered as the tool for achieving the production initiated by the marketing / sales and is therefore central to the negotiations of the business process. Logistics is managed by the logistics. By extension, a logistics can be a corporation, the logistics service provider. More than logistics, we talk more and more supply chain manager. This includes the anglicism business management supply chain: forecaster, planner, responsible for transport, deployer. The logistic function directly manages the material flow and indirectly associated intangible flows: information flows and financial flows. Material flows are often divided arbitrarily as "upstream", "downstream" "returns" the flow returns.
Logistics transportation job and activities
Activity status in the production process
Upstream activities include:
Development and the search for sources of supply  in or outside of the customer company, by linking with:
Manufacturers also known as producers, carrier, suppliers or subcontractors
service providers, also known as sub-contractors or freight forwarders or carriers, transportation industry.
Procurement which involve the notion of "contract" and "seller".
supply that induces the concept of "control" purchase orders  "requests, purchase or production orders, delivery  and suppliers.

Logistic and transportation Job:
Many logistics jobs offers
drivers, manager, dispatcher, administration, clerk, warehousing, liftman, packing.

The term reverse logistics and reverse logistics, managing the movement of goods, generally useless from the point of manufacture (in this case, the final consumer to the point of repair, recycling or destruction final and complete.
Return flow management is potentially a promising market, because it should on the one hand, allow-term recycling of raw materials more and more rare and also because it is source of employment. It is however an additional expense in the short term, for companies and individuals.

Categories of goods carried or stored

Drivers licence specialized.

dangerous goods

goods of high value or strategic interest, "sensitive"

goods involving the implementation of the cold chain for food safety [3]

Live animals 


For regulations applicable to persons, goods, property and services for regulated activities.

marketing of pharmaceutical products

transportation, handling, storage of hazardous materials

transportation, food storage

all transportation activities ...

By management practices mandated by regulation

traceability management and batch management

management of use-by dates

temperature management of storage or transportation

Activities by means of exploitation

operating systems

implementation of transition systems

vehicle tracking satellite

fleet management equipment, including ongoing maintenance and legal obligations of forklift and peripherals, systems of order management, production, inventory, storage locations, electronic systems (anti-theft systems), mechanical systems (industrial robotics ...) ,tools and resources to carry on business logistics specialists in strategic research fields to build industrial zones logistics specialists in real estate and construction or development of bonded warehouses or email information systems specialists and specialized modules of ERP or ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning or ERP): 'Warehouse Management /' Warehouse Management Systems "Transportation Management" "Supply Management" / "Procurement" ... management specialists for men and women management specialists in transportation equipment, handling, storage, packaging ...

Concepts related to logistics and transportation jobs

Categories, trades


Comanufacturing (or kitting)



Wrapping (or co-packing, or packaging)

Logistics: Supply chain management

Quality Management and Quality Control



Relay Point


According to the lines of communication borrowed

Transportation: Fleet Management

Ground Transportation

Road transportation


Aviation, Space Transportation


River transportation

Multimodal transportation

As it is transported

Goods transportation

Road haulage


Passenger Transportation


Transportation of pieces of mail (letters): Post

Other transportation

Resources, means and tools

Communication, information systems and information carriers: EAN barcode, voice recognition, radio frequency identification (RFID), ERP (Enterprise Resource Planning), WMS (Warehouse Management System), TMS (Transport Management System), WCS ( Warehouse Control System), SCM (Supply Chain Management)

Energy: electricity, gas, fuel

Property: warehouse

Packing material

Material Handling Equipment: transition

Human Resources: Quality circle, Logistics consulting

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